The Commercial COOP

A one stop shop app developed for brokers in a small commercial firm based in Denver who were fed up with enormous search engine fees, multiple tech platforms, and outdated analytics and inventory database.


The Commercial COOP


Denver, CO

Project Type

UI UX Design & Web Dev


April 2023

Project Overview

Commercial Co-op is an on-demand app to streamline the daily life of a Commercial Broker and connects the community in which Brokers grow. It has been launched in Denver, where brokers can communicate seamlessly through various automated one-touch actions for productivity in the field. The application is one platform for commercial searching, marketing, and communication, cutting broker tech costs up to 70%. Brokers can create accounts and list property free of cost. The listings will appear in address searches and will be viewable to the public and other agents. It creates beautiful Comparative Market Analysis, branded brochures, and a dynamic dashboard with live search updates.

Advanced Analytics

Comprehensive tracking and reporting tools.

Real-Time Data Sync

Keeping website and app data updated in real-time.

They have contributed significantly to our digital revolution. It was impressive how well their team worked with our internal staff. We are excited about the prospect of continuing our working relationship.
Amy Garris
Founder / CEO/ Commercial Broker


Based in Denver, US, our client was fed up with enormous search engine fees, multiple tech platforms, outdated analytics, and an inventory database. They have experience in the real estate field, and they understand how commercial brokers face many problems. From creating CMAs and running comps to win a listing to building marketing materials and uploading to search sites, brokers repeat the same Input steps to multiple platforms, but information gets lost, photos pulled from google maps, and status updates get missed. They recruited different software developers and expressed their concept but were extremely dismayed with the results. Several features promised in the initial proposal were missing from the application. The final product did not meet expectations despite providing clear and detailed instructions regarding the functionality and features.

The Commercial COOP UI UX Design & Web Development - App


Our client approached us in a struggling phase where they were frustrated and disappointed with their existing development team. Our team of tech leads and business analysts had a detailed meeting with the client to jot down their business problems, goals, and objectives to propose the best possible solution. Our tech team ran a thorough diagnosis of their existing platform to enlist the problems at hand and develop a detailed plan to mitigate the situation within the deadline.

Features Implemented

We provided the following services.

  • Develop an application where commercial brokers can create accounts and list property absolutely free.

  • All in one platform for commercial searching, marketing, and communication, reducing the price of multiple subscriptions.

  • Create a dynamic dashboard with live search to provide users with up-to-date information relevant to their needs.

  • Makes marketing easy by generating branded brochures, competitive market analysis, and email listings from personal accounts.

  • Create a message board where brokers can send messages publicly, and everyone with an account on the application can respond.

The Commercial COOP UI UX Design & Web Development - Mobile

Technology Stack

Our tech team created the front-end using Quasar and the back-end using Laravel. Quasar Framework was used for developing Android and iOS applications. For deployment, we used modern technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes and terraform for automation. Cypress was used to automate QA.



It took almost three months to create the application structure. We delivered the application on time, within budget, and met the client's expectations. Later the application was thoroughly tested for bugs and errors, and the development team made several revisions based on user feedback. It increased the conversion rate from 20% to 80%. Currently, 10,000 commercial brokers have created accounts and started listing on it.

Timeline Achievement
50 %
Task Management
50 %
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