iShopEco (Sustainable Living for Everyone) is a search and review platform of vetted businesses with products and services in over 300 categories that meet published environmental sustainability criteria. The platform helps you shop better for more eco-friendly and healthy option..




Houston, TX

Project Type

UI UX Design & Web Dev


Feb 2021

Project Overview

iShopEco is a pioneering search and review platform dedicated to promoting eco-friendly businesses. With a focus on sustainability, iShopEco offers a curated selection of businesses that meet stringent environmental criteria. To address the unique challenges faced by eco-friendly businesses in marketing their offerings, iShopEco has developed a comprehensive web application. This application includes exclusive portals for consumers, business owners, and administrators, creating a seamless experience for all stakeholders. The platform's key features include vetted businesses, detailed product reviews, and a user-friendly interface. By providing a centralized hub for eco-conscious consumers, iShopEco aims to drive website traffic, generate quality leads, and support the growth of the green economy.

Advanced Analytics

Comprehensive tracking and reporting tools.

Real-Time Data Sync

Keeping website and app data updated in real-time.

“I had the privilege of working closely with Amer, who served as my technical lead. My experience working with Amer was extremely positive. Notably, he played a pivotal role in the successful delivery of our MVP1. His role encompassed: 1)Reviewing the Project Architecture - Amer meticulously examined the foundational structure of our project, ensuring it was robust and scalable. 2) Design Improvements - He suggested and implemented crucial design enhancements that elevated the overall quality of our project. 3) Technical Evaluations - Amer's expertise was evident in his ability to conduct thorough technical assessments, ensuring our project met industry standards. 4) Administration and Troubleshooting - Amer was instrumental in setting up the administrative aspects of our project and was always on hand to troubleshoot any issues that arose. Beyond his technical prowess, what stood out was his team-oriented attitude. It was evident that Amer wasn't just invested in the project's success but also in my personal success. He consistently demonstrated a genuine desire for both the team and the individual members to thrive"
Charrisa Miller
CEO iShopEco


The increasing global awareness of climate change and the growing demand for sustainable products and services have created a niche market for eco-friendly businesses. However, many of these businesses face challenges when it comes to marketing their products effectively. iShopEco saw an opportunity to bridge this gap by offering comprehensive marketing solutions specifically designed for eco-friendly businesses. The aim of establishing iShopEco was to provide a leading digital marketing platform for eco-friendly businesses, drive website traffic, generate quality leads, encourage sustainable consumption, and support the growth of the green economy.



The client, based in Houston, reached DigiteBrain to develop a web application for advertising and marketing ecological businesses. Our competent programmers and business executives take notes of the client's motives, targets, and desired objectives. Team DigiteBrain worked on three portals: Consumer Business Admin On the consumer side, consumers can search for eco-friendly businesses that offer sustainable products. On the business side, different retailers offering environment-friendly products and services can showcase their businesses. The admins can manage the application's configurations, settings, content, and features on the admin side.

Features Implemented

We provided the following services.

  • A user-friendly portal to search for eco-friendly businesses, Including advanced search functionalities, filters for sustainable products, reviews, and ratings

  • Profiles for both consumers and businesses, where they can manage their information, view their activity, and interact with other users

  • An administrative dashboard to manage the application's configurations, settings, content, and features. It provides control over functionality and user management

  • Businesses can upload product listings, and engage with consumers through messaging and promotions

  • Enhance the search capabilities to allow users to find businesses based on specific criteria such as product category, location, eco-certifications, and user ratings


Technology Stack

Our development team used modern technologies and frameworks to design an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The application's front end was built with Quasar. Laravel managed the server-side logic and database interfaces. To manage, store, and retrieve data, MySQL has been used.



iShopEco has played a pivotal role in supporting the growth and success of eco-friendly businesses in the market by facilitating increased visibility, expanding customer bases, and promoting sustainability. After the launch of MVP 1, iShopEco experienced a substantial increase in website traffic and unique visitors. This surge was primarily attributed to the targeted digital advertising campaigns and enhanced SEO efforts. Our Team is working on this application according to the client's guidelines and will soon launch MVP 2.

Timeline Achievement
50 %
Task Management
50 %
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