Clubby (Only App Your Club will Ever Need) is a social application designed to connect people with similar interests and facilitate the formation of clubs where they can discuss and engage in meaningful conversations via live group chats, manage club expenses, post announcements...





Project Type

UI UX Design & Web/Mobile/IoS App


March 2023

Project Overview

Clubby is a startup business idea of a young entrepreneur based in the US. It is a social application designed to connect people with similar interests and facilitate the formation of clubs where they can discuss and engage in meaningful conversations via live group chats, manage club expenses, post announcements, add and manage events, and notify members of the updates

Advanced Analytics

Comprehensive tracking and reporting tools.

Real-Time Data Sync

Keeping website and app data updated in real-time.

"I worker with Amer for about a year. Him and his team were exceptional. There was never a time where I doubted Amer, and his skill and brilliant communication really shined. I'm very grateful that I chose Amer for my project, and im not sure this project would have happened without him. If you want a project done quickly and extremely well, go to Amer. Would 100000% recommend."
Jacob Steinke
Jacob Steinke


Our Client recognized the growing demand for a platform that fosters meaningful connections and promotes community engagement. Eager to create a space where users can interact, share ideas, and build relationships, He meticulously planned the concept for the application, outlining key features and functionalities. With a strong background in UI/UX design, He developed a set of ready-to-implement designs, envisioning a user-friendly interface that encourages user interaction and participation. Seeking a development team to bring this vision to life, He engaged with Team DigiteBrain for their expertise in development and implementation.



Our client contacted us and planned a detailed meeting. Our team of lead developers and business analysts streamlined the business goals, objectives and client’s requirements. The client was very much clear about the idea of the app. He had ready UI/UX design and required effective implementation of designs to a functional application. Team DigiteBrain delivered a high-performing application as per the client’s needs. We include the following features in the app...

Features Implemented

We provided the following services.

  • Clubby boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing users to navigate the application and create or join clubs easily.

  • Users have the ability to create clubs based on specific interests, such as music, sports, books, cooking, and more.

  • Each club provides a dedicated space for members to discuss, share resources, ask questions, and exchange ideas.

  • Users receive notifications from the admin about club activities, upcoming events, and new discussions, ensuring they stay connected and engaged.

  • It provides a budget feature for managing club expenses.


Technology Stack

Our tech team did complete market research and developed responsive, high-performing web and mobile applications (for both Android & iOS). We used Laravel for back-end development and Quasar for the front-end development of Clubby. For deployment and automation, we used docker and Kubernetes. To manage the database and servers, we used MySQL



Our tech team has successfully created an application that enables individuals to form and join clubs based on their unique interests, promoting connectivity and engagement. MVP of Clubby has been launched, which received high appreciation from people, and now we are working on clubby plus to add additional features as per the client’s requirements, to facilitate the users. The app aims to continue evolving as a catalyst for fostering connections and nurturing local communities.

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